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remember last summer when american eagle had that modelling contest where you submit your picture to get votes and if you get into the top 20 votes your picture is displayed at times square in new york

i submitted this photo of me about to sneeze


i placed 12th and i was on the times square billboard for two weeks

i hate each and every single one of you all

Oh so that’s what that was in Times Square

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are you kidding

he cried because of his gay shipping feels

like there’s breaking the fourth wall and then there’s burning the house down are you kidding

how is thIS OKAY1?!!?

MIIR MIIIIIIIIRRRR wow i’m really disappointed in myself that i haven’t seen this interview/show whatever

sidenote i love when a fic is good you cry or kick your feet and giggle from happy

is this REAL

god stop making me remember i need to get into MBLAQ too

HAHA THEY’RE LIKE “wow you read fanfic” and he’s like “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I READ FANFIC.”

sobbing so hard at you mir. i love you okay.

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